Back To School!

Students don’t often realize that posture plays a big role while they are studying. Sitting in the same position for a long period of time can cause stiffness, nerve irritation, blood and lymph flow constriction, and inflammation. These may just seem like aches and pains that are easily ignored.

Here are some tips for students:

-Make sure to sit in a comfortable sturdy chair and desk that is ergonomically correct for your size.

-Stretch and move around every hour, it’ll help get your blood flowing and keep you awake!

-Do not lay or sit in bed to study; you can lose your comfort place for sleeping or you may not retain as much information because you are in your comfortable place.

-STAY HYDRATED! It’s easy to forget about your H20. Drink plenty of water!

-Eat healthy snacks. We want to feed your brain with good fuel!

-If you’re on a computer, the monitor should be eye level.

-Do not sit with your legs crossed for a long period of time.

-Have your books in front of you instead of the side. Try to avoid having to turn your neck for a long period of time.

Keep yourself healthy and smart! It is also great for students to get adjusted periodically to make sure they are maintaining a perfect posture!

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