Posture and Everyday Life

Many of us have a very busy life, and we seem to be on the go at all times. We tend to forget some essentials for our overall health. It may sound simple, but posture is one of them! Finding out how to fix your posture is an important process. A daily routine with exercises to improve posture is important to prevent the negative effects of poor posture at an early age. Most exercises that can teach you how to fix your posture are easy to perform and usually don’t require much equipment. 10 super simple exercises to incorporate into your everyday routine include:


  1. Planks
  2. Crunch with Twist
  3. Dumbbell Side Bends
  4. Back Extensions
  5. Pilates Swimming
  6. Reverse Dumbbell Fly
  7. Seated Dumbbell Row
  8. Shoulder Rolls
  9. Seated Twist
  10. Kneeling Stretch

With a bit of dedication and an “I can do this” attitude, adding these exercises into your daily routine could benefit you and help keep a good posture!

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