Sit-Ups! Are they good for you?

You’re bored at home, tired of being lazy and you decide to work on abs in hopes to gain your six pack back. What’s the one thing we all were raised doing in gym class? Sit ups. Most people aren’t aware that sit ups simply aren’t the best and are most likely a bad idea. There is a rule in human movement science called the Specificity Principle, it can sometimes be called the “SAID principle.” What this means is, the body gets good, specifically at what is does most often. Training your abs to pull the ribs towards your glutes will make them better at pulling your ribs towards your glutes. To add to that, there is evidence that you are likely setting yourself up for more back pain in your future. While lying down on the floor, repeatedly flexing the spine wears out your discs.  While doing sit ups you are curling up your trunk, which exposes the discs to sheer force. Discs do well with dispersing force, but not sheer force. When the disc bulges out towards the nerves it often becomes something you’re acutely aware of. So what we’ve learned is that sit ups won’t train your body to move better and they won’t do much for your back pain and may even make it worse. There are many exercise alternatives to working on your abs, that are all around better for your body. Some great examples are planks, farmers carry, kettle bell swings and swiss ball! Feel free to peek your head in with Renata so she can emphasize more on these exercises!

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