7 Steps For Good Sitting Posture


Position your hip and knee joints. While sitting on your chair be sure to establishing the position of your lower body. Your knee and hip joints should make a 90 degree angle. Try using a footrest or place a book under your feet if your feet don’t touch the floor.

Get on top of your sitting bones. While sitting, body weight is transferred from the pelvis onto the chair. On the bottom of the pelvis there are two knobby bones called “sitting bones.” Be sure to have your weight on top of your sitting bones.

Preserve your curves. Most of us have a slight curve in our lower back. Our spinal curves help us to maintain an upright posture. A lumbar roll placed between your low back and the back of the chair can support your natural curve if your muscles are weak or tired.

Take a deep breath. The body’s primary breathing muscle is the diaphragm. A breathing technique known as diaphragmatic (or belly) breathing can help you use this muscle to your best advantage. Belly breathing involves breathing air all the way down the trunk, compared to letting the air get stuck in the chest area, which is what most commonly is done.

Check your shoulders. Learning to keep your shoulders in the proper position can get technical, and may cause a little stress. Let your shoulders relax and drop low. When you position your shoulder blades lower it helps support your head and neck. While sitting there should be an imaginary vertical line between your shoulders and hips.

Bring your head back. Don’t forget, your head is connected to your spine! Once you have a supportive sitting position and the tension is now out of your shoulders, try bringing your head back. Really, your ears should be in alignment with your shoulders. Be sure to do what you can within the limits of your pain or condition and to make small changes towards an ideal aligned sitting posture.

Practice good sitting posture often. One thing about good posture, is it’s a habit. Habits take time to develop, so be patient and keep practicing good sitting posture!

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