Michael Phelps And His Purple Dots

Sunday night, August 7, Michael Phelps earned himself his 19th gold medal. This probably wasn’t the only thing that was catching everyone’s attention. Phelps was competing with these odd purple dots on his back.The cause of these purple circles on Michael is from cupping. Cupping is a therapy in which heated cups are applied to the skin along the meridians of the body, creating a suction as a way of stimulating the flow of energy. The cups can be made from glass, bamboo, silicone and many other materials. Cupping therapy dates back to ancient Egyptian, Chinese, and Middle Eastern cultures.

There are various types of cupping therapy, which include dry cupping and wet cupping. In our office we are lucky enough to have a massage therapist that is certified in cupping. We are welcoming back Arielle! Generally, cupping is combined with acupuncture in one treatment, but it can also be used alone. The suction and negative pressure provided by cupping can loosen muscles, and encourage blood flow. Thus making it easier for the massage therapist to work on problem areas around the body. Pretty interesting! Arielle is in the office Monday through Friday and now is a great time to see what cupping is all about!







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