Soaring Heart Pillows!

We are proud to present Soaring Heart Pillows at our office! We carry the Soaring Heart-Latex and Soaring Heart-Wool Bolus. Soaring Heart is a Natural Bed Company located in Fremont, Washington. The pillows and other products are carefully handcrafted with healthy and all natural materials.

Facts and Details about the Soaring Heart Pillows:

-Some of the filling can be removed or added as necessary to create a custom fit. The latex is shredded into small bits and the wool bolus are little balls of wool.

-They are more resistant to dust mites than regular pillows.

-They are antimicrobial, resistant to mold and mildew.

-Both can be washed and dried on cold (including the case that comes with it).

-Wool can be pre-felted so it might clump but it can be re-fluffed.

Message from Soaring Heart:
“At Soaring Heart, we imagine a world where our customers are fully realizing the benefits of natural sleep. Awakening from a chemical-free, restorative rest allows our customers to return to their community and contribute in meaningful ways.”

We encourage you and your family to try these amazing healthy pillows!


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