It’s Football Season!

We all have our favorite players and teams that we watch and root for every Sunday. Have you ever wondered how all of these players are able to maintain such high levels of athletic aptitude week after week? Recently, the Professional Football Chiropractic Society (PFCS) proudly announced that all 32 teams in the NFL offer their players personnel chiropractors on staff, for preventing injuries and maintaining health. According to Spencer H Baron, D.C., DACBSP, who has been the Miami Dolphins chiropractor for the past 14 years states, “The robust need for chiropractic care in the NFL has been deeply driven by the player’s desire for peak physical conditioning and not simply for injuries. From the earliest years of full contact football, their bodies are subject to structural stress that doctors of chiropractic are specially trained to care for. Many DC’s who provide their services to professional athletes travel with their respective teams throughout the season, treating players up until game time, during the game and sometimes immediately following” (NewsBlaze, 2010). Who knew!?

Below are comments that NFL players had made about the importance of their chiropractic care:

  • “I always see Dr. Rob for chiropractic care on game day to get my body balance, flexible and ready for action. I see him several times a week for rehab and to recover faster from the last game” – Saints Wide Receiver Marques Colston.
  • “I did a lot of things to stay in the game, but regular visits to my chiropractic made all the difference,” – Jerry Rice.
  • “I look at chiropractic care as important to keeping me healthy and at the top of my game,” – Reggie Bush who has also been receiving chiropractic care since college.

Here we see that not only is chiropractic care significant but it is a necessity for athletes, professional and non professional. This includes all sports such as basketball, soccer, hockey, baseball, dancers, golfers, etc. Adjustments help with a release in pressure on the nervous system which allows the brain to communicate with the body more efficiently. Chiropractic care assists with improving physical performance and precision. So, if you have an upcoming athlete in your families, young or old, make sure you get them in to see a chiropractor to maintain performance, structure and well being.


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