Are you fit?

Before you answer that question, first think a minute on what exactly fitness means. It may surprise you to learn that fitness is not about bulging muscles or the endurance to climb a mountain. Fitness is about being healthy, looking healthy, feeling good about yourself, sharing life’s joys with those you love, friendship and having the energy to enjoy life. The reward will be longevity so you can keep doing the things you love. Never ignore exercise and proper eating – when was the last time you made your heart beat strongly and got out of breath? When was the last time you felt inspired? Use your body, mind and heart to their fullest. Stretch yourself to your limits. Face fear, face flab and overcome.

Staying active, physically and mentally, keeps you young and healthy no matter what your age. It isn’t easy to overcome years of inactivity and poor eating habits. But the alternative is poor health, emotional dullness, unhappiness and a shortened life span. The choice is yours – you must choose. Remember, not choosing is a choice.

Fitness: Physical activity is essential to prevent and reduce risks of many diseases, and improves physical, mental and emotional health. For some tips and fun exercises for little time and better results, refer to

Nutrition: Eating healthy is essential to the body, your body needs the right fuel and regular maintenance. Need to ideas for healthy snacks and meals? You can find lots of great recipes at

Chiropractic: In conjunction to fitness and nutrition, stay aligned! Nerves send information, energy and even nourishment to your body parts. If there is the slightest blockage to this communication, nearly any system (digestive, eliminative, immune, cardiovascular, vision, hearing, nervous, etc.) can function less efficiently and you will not be able to adapt as easily to physical, chemical, emotional or environmental stresses.


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