What is Intraoral Massage?

Brynna Stockton, LMP recently finished course work in intraoral massage and has been certified by the State of Washington as an intraoral practitioner. Learning this helpful technique was very important for her personal jaw health. She is excited to be applying her new skills at Issaquah Family Chiropractic, and is one of only a handful of massage therapists in the area certified in this technique.

Intraoral massage works on muscles both internal and external around the mouth, neck and throat. These muscles suffer daily strain and are constantly being worked. The muscles in the jaw are used in chewing, talking and to express. This technique can be very helpful in relieving tension from headaches, clenching/grinding, head injuries, whiplash and strains from orthodontia. It is not necessarily a painful therapy. Since it deals with muscles that are rarely touched, they respond to less pressure. It is extremely beneficial and even helps balance the upper body.

Call to set up your appointment. There is not an extra charge for intraoral work, and it can be added to any length massage service.


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